Japanese Sushi

Japanese Sushi


Sushi is one of the common and most popular cuisines in Hong Kong. The first appearance of sushi was actually in Mekong River, China in which people ate fermanted rice with raw seafood.

It remains unknown whether the idea of sushi was separately created in Japan, or via passing from China, yet there is no doubt that the variety and deliciousness of the Japanese sushi we see today is due to the people’s continuous development on perfecting the cuisine and its taste.

It seems interesting to me how sushi was first seen in China, then most development was in Japan, and then the product is coming back to China, particularly in Hong Kong where hundreds of Japanese restaurants and stores are currently stationed.

The travel of Sushi developing journey, and sharing of it.

I enjoyed this shared Japanese receipe yesterday night with pleasure and joy (the pic showed sushi with eel and cheese). I share this with you all today.

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    1. It remains unclear whether sushi was originated from China, yet indeed the earliest record of sushi eating was from China 🙂 I am glad you find the sharing relata-ble and of interest.

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