It is not just about us

It is not just about us

Syrian Refugees_Children

Sometimes life is not just about us. I was in a conversation recently about what is currently going on in Lebanon and Syria. The government is corrupted, guns and weapons being fired from time to time, the people are suffering, families struggle to fled the country…

I come from the East Asian world where the news about the middle east or European side are rather distant, or unrelated at times.
Now living in the UK, I have more access to these news, and people do talk about it.

For me, I have never felt so real, so real that the people are like us who are dying and suffering, and it is so real that I am living such privileged life. What makes us different?

I have no answers to that.
I intend to go online and search for the news about these people.
I have to know what is going on.
I want to know.

Because these people deserve to be heard, to be concerned about, to be supported.

And this is time when humanity and love brings in.
It does not start by the behavioral courtesy, but the bits of bits of enhanced awareness via knowing, understanding and learning.

I hope to share this photo to you all.
May it relate to you at some point.

This is a photo I saw on the Guardian News:

(Photo credit to Guardian UK)

(In blog:


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