It is Good to be Real to Ourselves

It is Good to be Real to Ourselves

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It is good to be real to ourselves.

Essena O’Neill is one of the individuals who have gone through a hard journey on exploring what is the person she wants to be, and she found the courage to be true to self, and to others.

BBC News: Australia Instagram star Essena O’Neill quits ‘unhealthy’ social media

It is good to be real to ourselves.

No matter what has happened, how we have been, where we are,
it is never too late to be ourselves.

There are thousands of “who we are” we can choose from.
Some are fancy; some are simple,
Some can be risky; some are just ordinary,
Some prone themselves to difficulty, some are easy as they predict.
There is no absolute right/best option, but we may find the one we find ourselves assimilate to the most, the one which resonates with our inner voices.

It is not always easy for us to find who we want to be. Sometimes we may naturally adapt into our different phases in life, and the socially approved roles fit into what we want; or we take a hell of a journey to realize that perhaps what we want is never how we should be in the first place.

In order to be the real self,
we take a lot of courage, determination, bravery to do it.
We may have gained thousands of burdens we are fearful to be; or we have to let go of even more we have long attached ourselves to be.

It is ok.
We are being true to ourselves, and it is ok.
As we break free from the restrain we put onto ourselves,
and as long as we have our hearts, we have hope.

As long as we WANT our realness in life, we can always find our true happiness.

May this sharing relate to those who need a bit of power to be the REAL self.
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