Interesting Bits around Us

Interesting Bits around Us


My blog writing inspiration began in 2013 when I hoped to share about inspiration, empowerment and healing.

Interestingly, across the journey, I have come to realize that my voice does not only come from the intellectual thinking, but also via the awareness of the big and small surrounding things: people, neighborhood, culture, health/lifestyle, nature…I personally find all such things in life also as forces as integrated into the source of inner power which I then convey in sharing.

Recently I have been writing on the process of “How”, in which I find that the solution to problem always involve a process, and how we do it depends on the integrative journey of self with time and change. I believe that within the frame, our open door key lies on not only our exploration of the deeper sense of issues, but also that we actively seek the outer inspiration and empowerment.

Perhaps that is indeed the meaning of a journey.
In process of healing, we constantly work on the problem, amend and change the self and the relationships.
Sometimes, however, we can also take the time to put down the full load stuff on hands, and absorb the different vibes from the surrounding.

They are not the answers to solution, but they hold the equally healing power.
They can be the channels towards new perspectives, breakthroughs and changes.
They can be the empowering ground on our learning and growth.

I hope my sharing somehow relates to you.

I came across this creative sign posting a couple of months ago, and feel amazed. That feeling was captured and shared with you. No matter how we are, where we are, we do can add a bit of creativity and fun in our lives.

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