Intercultural Communication Via Art: Reflections

Apr 14, 2018

Intercultural Communication Via Art: Reflections

Intercultural Communication Via Art: Narratives

Thank you for coming to the workshop.

Intercultural is not just about race and skin color.
Every person bears the different social labels.
Race. Color. Social class. Educational class. Occupation. Religion. Gender. Citizenship…

Our worldviews and beliefs are shaped by our intertwined relationships between such different categories.
‘Who we are’ is not just based on our intrinsic beliefs and values, but we are also actively informed by the outer world.

We communicate with one another, but do we really connect?
At times we do need to get a space to reflect and explore our personhood,
to explore how our identities influence our attitude in relationships,
but then we still come back to the question,
‘How can we build better relationship with one another?’

We need a space to share.
We need a space to listen.
We need a space to connect.
Connection often is not a smooth process, rather its rich flavors lead to our growth.

May we give time for intercultural communication.

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