Are we really that open-minded?

Are we really that open-minded?


‘I am open-minded.

I am against racism and any form of discrimination.

I respect the human differences…’

These phrases are common to most of us, especially as we interact with the different people from all parts of the world.

Being open-minded is much more than one’s demonstration of thinking and belief.

Our behavior and underlying attitude is the final proof telling us whether we truly act out our beliefs.

The more we attend to our actions, the more we find that said is much easier than done.

It is so easy for us to let one/two racist phrases slip from our mouths followed by the quick ‘It’s a joke’ commentary.

We can give excuses of being judgmental as we get carried away by own emotions.

I have come across some people who declare their condemnation at inequality and discrimination in a deep discussion, and after that they naturally got back to their routinely habit of mocking a socially awkward peer.

What is bothersome to me is not one’s lack of belief, yet his/her claim of believing yet acting the opposite way. Often we might think that we act according to our belief, or we think we believe in what we want ourselves to believe in. Only that belief is much more than what we imagine. It penetrates every part of our lives and manifests in the smallest form of our behavior.

The world is so big, and we are so small. Thanks to technology and intercultural communication, we may learn much more than ever the glimpses of the opposite side of the world. Yet the more we know, the more we tend to be presumptuous and overconfident. Often after we actually immerge ourselves into the said environment and people for a certain period of time, then we only realize what we have assumed have been over-simplistic, stereotypical and superficial. Perhaps we, at most times, may overestimate our actual level of our claimed belief. How can we be so sure we are actually that open-minded?

I think that the essence of openness is not quantified based on one’s actual level of acceptance and knowledge, but rather his/her progressive humble attitude. Even the most intelligent manager may not know as much as a worker who has years of experiences in managing the household; or the most experienced agriculturalist may still have to learn from the farmers who have dedicated their whole life in the farm.

The illusion of knowing limits our ability to learn; humility sets one’s mind towards limitlessness. One’s appreciation of diversity/differences originates from own willingness to admit our limitations and weakness, that we are still on the journey to become more open-minded. And we can start by making a difference bit by bit.

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