How We See the Human Beings

How We See the Human Beings

Know_Understand_Jul 26 2014

With the breakthrough and continuous advances of science, technology, communication and so on, we gain so much depth in understanding the human beings.

We unfold the mysterious work of our brains and bodies.

And in the recent decade, we begin to find out about how our physical minds carry out our actual functioning in behavior, thoughts and feelings.

No matter how well our findings have progressed, somehow we seem not to be able to work out the actual relationships in the real life.


We never know how our sudden emotions arise, or how a progressing relationship suddenly turns to a disaster.

We never know how a person was a totally happy man, and suddenly develop the depressing mood.

We never know how we seem to find it so hard to forgive, and then at certain moment there is a click, and we let everything go.

We never know when is the definite moment of giving up, and where the determination willpower lies in us.


Perhaps it is not about knowing, but understanding.

And we put such understanding into our ways of interacting with the others.

Instead of finding the answers, we come to observing and accepting the unknown/differences.

That, is the key to connection.

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