Hong Kong – The Central District

Hong Kong – The Central District


The photo was taken last time as I enjoyed an afternoon walk with my family.

This is Hong Kong, a city of only around 200 years of quick development and revolutionary advancement. This spot of Hong Kong – the Central and west Wan Chai districts in the photo is the central administrative captial. The  area serves as the business district – home to the many notable financial services corporations, as well as diplomatic setting – the consulates from many countries are mostly located here.

Aside the business and foreign center, this area has experienced cultural revolution since the British colonization, and has left people invaluable historical heritage, landmarks and products. Many of the traditional prestigious western schools were also produced within the area, and idolized by the rich families for their children’s promoting future.

Standing here, I witness the blood, tears and sweat of my people from the past. It is true that the fast growth of the economy has caused the unbalanced social development – the lack of room for artistic development or sports, and the fading dreams of many who are overshadowed by pressure on earning and gain success.

Yet i also hold grateful heart to the people who have helped create the city it becomes today. It has given me 9 years of free education (extended to 12 years now), huge medical benefits and welfare, free access to the libraries, the clean and constantly renovating streets and public buildings, and many more.

The city is not perfect, and it has many flaws. I am aware of the current contempt, dissatisfaction and even condemnments over the government’s limitations. While we shall never ignore how we can improve the city together, we take time to appreciate how much the city has evolved in many ways.

This is Hong Kong, my home city. 

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