Hong Kong Sunset, and Sharing

Hong Kong Sunset, and Sharing

Hong Kong Sunset

This is one of the ordinary sunset scenes in Hong Kong.

Sometimes I share with people my amazement of the beauty of nature in Hong Kong, blending smoothly with the cosmopolitan city, only to realize their indifference towards it.

One time I was in interaction with a lady who just returned to Hong Kong from the Taiwan trip upon that moment, and shared about the clear mesmerizing blue sky she had never seen before. Looking at the photos taken, I pointed out in happiness their similarities with the Hong Kong scenes I often looked at, to which she responded, “Oh…It (Hong Kong’s nature scenery) can never be compared with Taiwan’s. The views in Taiwan are so much clearer and better.”

Her words left me strong impression. Perhaps because as a local, my heart slightly ached at her lacking appreciation towards the beauty of her home. Or perhaps indeed it is easy for one to put down things as the emerging others are more appealing. Or perhaps we may ignore what is familiar and closer to us, and continuously seek for the betterment outside.

I am reminded the value of things, not just those with the brightest and more attractive surface, but also the surrounding and ordinary which never cease to emit the own beauty.

I share this beautiful sunset view with you all.
Have a good day.

(Also in: http://corimuscounseling.blogspot.hk/2015/07/hong-kong-sunset-and-sharing.html)

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