Hong Kong Protest – Own Experience

Hong Kong Protest – Own Experience

hong kong protest - own experience

As I was about to leave from the dining place with friends last night, I was told about the resumed protest not far away, and I decided to visit the scene with my own eyes to witness the actual situation.

I walked into the crowd and immediately I felt the tension rising within my body, from the center to the palms. People gathered on the streets, some ascertained to fight against the police force, or simply remain at the place to show their anger towards the government; some were just watchers like me to grasp some understanding, or curious of the escalation of the confrontation. I also saw many as ordinary pedestrians gain extra access to walk. I was wandering like a lost child, not quite certain of the surrounding happening. My friends guided me to the different spots to gain a better look of the confronting scene.

There stood the police with the stern faces and silence facing the protestors. From time to time there were announcements urging people to leave the scene. On protestors’ side, there were groups of activists shouting loudly at the police; some used nasty foul language.

Standing at the scene, I experienced a great wave of sadness. The police as devoting to maintain safety and harmony of the society, was forced to stand remain silent and take in whatever verbal assault was casted onto them. The people were angry and upset by the government’s ignorance and neglect of their needs, yet they could merely put out their emotions via the non peaceful ways of streets occupation and confronting the police force which is no actual responsible leader but an obedient follower.

Only as I was at the scene and then I got to experience so much more than reading from the news. I gain from sight, from hearing, from sensing touch.

I share this experience with you all, and I hope for the peace and understanding in between.

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