Hong Kong Music Concert

Hong Kong Music Concert


One of the notable places to hold the music performances in Hong Kong would be the Hong Kong Cultural Center. The concert hall remains as one of the finest places for the high quality music concerts in the city, and has attracted thousands of famous people standing on that stage.

I was sitting in the concert hall last week with a friend to enjoy a music concert of one well known vocalist, Lea Salgona, and Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. That night I was showered by the powerful soprano voice with deep emotions, and the flawless harmonies from the different instrumental playing.

Frankly being in a concert hall to enjoy the music is no cheap and easily affordable act. To let the audience enjoy the best quality of the music, from the soloist playing, to the group vocal soundscape, and the orchestral show, the hall was designed in the oval shape, with high quality of oak, and added with adjustable acoustic canopy and curtains to give the good acoustic effect. Indeed it is an expensive act just to be able to stand on the stage to conduct one performance, same as it is no easy for one to sit in the hall to listen to a playing.

We the human beings have created the different ways to indulge in the luxury of gratifications. To listen to the finest sounds, we continuously advance in technology, tools and methodologies, to create a perfect performance environment, the sharpened musical techniques, the best quality of the instruments.

A great deal of effort, time, manpower has been spent. And that night I witnessed such fine product acted out by many who have helped make the dreams happen.

For this I feel blessed and grateful.

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