Hong Kong DSE Results 2014: the Hong Kong Trend

Hong Kong DSE Results 2014: the Hong Kong Trend


The Public Examination for University Entrance in Hong Kong, known as DSE, had results release on July 14, 2014. There were 12 students who had flawless marks.
There is the popular trend in Hong Kong that the top students often choose between subjects of business, medicine and law, as they symbolize good prospects of life, success and wealth.
5 out of 12 of the top full-score students this year have already set their sight on medicine, while 2 choose law path. I wonder if it is the right way that the best people enter the law and medicine fields, and those who do not set their sights at other helping fields, like psychology, environment, architecture, arts, history.

Another interesting point is that all 12 top-scorers come from the traditionally prestigious schools this year. I wonder if this further reinforces the social stigma that success comes with famous, expensive and reputated schools.

I feel helpless towards the growing power of the social hierarchy in Hong Kong. Or I continue to give voice to this matter, and keep faith in the younger generation.

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