Hong Kong Cheungchau Fish Balls

Hong Kong Cheungchau Fish Balls


A few days ago I was called out by a group of students, who invited me to try the fish balls as only made in CheungChau, one of the relatively well known islands in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a city surrounded by many small islands. Those who live within these island areas often carry own styles and traditions.

The city is famous for the dim sum, in which one of the kinds are the fish balls. In Cheungchau, these fish balls are especially made in super big size and with the special receipe which leads to the more chewy texture of thr fish balls.

I took time to enjoy this fish ball as brought by one of the students who live in that area. As I was amazed by the size of the fish ball, I was more touched by students’ thought of me.

An act of care, kindness and consideration can bring much more than the small act itself.

And we take time to think, feel and act it out.

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