Hectic Hong Kong Life

Hectic Hong Kong Life


Passing the restless week of Hong Kong Life.

Work. Work. Work. At the current stage, as much as I feel I am smoothly adapted into the hectic cosmopolitan Hong Kong style of working, I often sense the suppressed unease and anxious feelings.

The first year as I returned to Hong Kong after long years of overseas living, I struggled to break free from feeling lost in this small yet complex living, only to slowly come to terms with the inevitable circumstance – I belong to this city. This is part of me and much as I am part of it. My past upbringing belonged to this place, and the same as now as the city is part of my life journey.

I tried to see the city in a different perspective. In my own perspective. I hoped to find my own pavement across the small area, something I own and treasure.

From frowning to the losing sense of authenticity around the cold skyscaper walls, to then I see compact-ness, sophistication, modernity in this city in new appreciating angle.

After the week of hectic work and schedule, I look at the city and take this photo with new feeling of acceptance and connection.

Press On.

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