Have Patience for Love

Have Patience for Love

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There is never an absolute answer to love.

It is out of our control, and that is how we become so exhausted from the chase and searching, only to be left with emptiness and hurt.

I believe in the power of hope.

Believe in hope that there is truth in love.

Believe in the hope that there is the right person in our lives.

Believe in the hope that we have the right to have love in our lives.

It is ok to pause sometimes from our repetitive routines.

Cut the chase, let go of the anxiety and desperation of searching, and the avoidance/giving up due to the bigger inner fear/insecurity of abandonment.

Listen to our hearts of what we want in love.

Love ourselves, and so we love the others.

Learn to give, as it is the powerful way we show our love.

Learn to observe and notice, because it is the smallest way of love’s existence.

Learn to put others first as much as self, because this is the real meaning of love.

And that is when love comes to us.

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