Happy Chinese New Year: the Year of “Ram”

Happy Chinese New Year: the Year of “Ram”


According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2015 year is the year of the Goat. Technically the Chinese character of “Yang” (“羊”) can be translated to the English terms of Goat- 山羊 (ShanYang), Sheep – 綿羊 (MinYang) and Ram – 公羊 (GonYang). In the Chinese traditions, there is no much differentiation in adopting any kind of “Yang” as the animal of the year.

What is a “Yang” like?

“Yang” reflects the characteristics of peace loving, and kindness. A “Yang” is calm, gentle, and trusting. People can easily approach it and befriend with it. In the ancient times, “yang” has since acted a helpful role in providing its “fur” – fleece and skin to producing the different kinds of products, e.g. coats and bed blankets. In China, fleece was particularly used to make the writing brushes (used in Chinese Calligraphy).

On this day, the horse races to the finish line, and here arrives the “yang”. After a year of running and the continuous energy bursting, “yang” may help the individual cool down and think twice before responding. Instead of always moving and taking action, let us take time reflecting on our inner characters of gentleness and kindness. Let them grow in us, and help with our relationships with the others.

Let the beauty of calmness and kindness stay within us. Trust one and other, as we focus more on changing ourselves, instead of changing the others. Be giving as much as we are fine with ourselves.

Show our kindness to each other, and we make peace.

Let us spend the year of “Yang” with growth, love and peace.

#year #CNY #ChineseNewYear #new #sheep #goat #ram


#year #CNY #ChineseNewYear #new #sheep #goat #ram

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