Handcraft Gingerbread Man

Handcraft Gingerbread Man


This Gingerbread Man is a Christmas gift given by one of my students. The gingerbread man is made by felt, a kind of wool fibre material.

In order to create shape and add the surface design, one needs to spend much time doing the needle felting, meaning the hours spent on the continuous poking of felt by needle, until the fiber is interlocked. For the surface design, the partial felt material is placed on the base, before needle felting is conducted again to lock the two fibers.

Before I received the handcraft gift, I saw the student work on this gift. The student showed me the jabbed and swearing finger. I was amazed by the student’s determination to complete such hours of work. I thought to myself that the person who received the gift must also took in the big heart of love and care from the student.

And then such feelings are directed to me. I felt surprised, happy and warm, for not just the product, but more the personal witness of such heart, and then actually receiving it.

A truly beautiful gift and my feelings of gratitude that I would love to share with you.

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