Good Physical Health Tips

Good Physical Health Tips


Good physical health does not only bring bodily fitness and the enhanced attractive appearance, but it also tremendously relates to building good psychological health, e.g. one’s better mood, the enhanced motivation on actions taken, a more resilient mind on facing stress. In counseling work, or in person,I think that the focuses on psychological health should not be limited to what’s going on within the mind, but also everything around it.

I think that a few slight changes in our living habits can greatly reinforce the physical health. I share some of the small tips I know, and often practice to help me with a driven and strong mind, and hence the better relationships and focuses on tasks and goals.

  1. Sleeping Early and Waking Up Early

Our bodies are in fact functioning with its own biological clock. Even we seem to function pretty well at night, our bodies in fact require our rest so as to repair and break off from overwork. Not only can one manage the daily time more efficiently, such habit can help us gain clearer mind in our dealing of people and things.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Exercise can bring the physical fitness, and also another less noticable yet equally important thing – it helps our bodies release toxins quickly with the enhanced metabolism. Three times a week of exercise is more preferrable, better in the morning which gives you a boost of energy in the whole daytime.

Also, why not give ourselves 15 minutes of warm up/stretching exercise on bed everyday when we wake up? This does bring the “warm up” effect on our daytime focus.

  1. Walk for 10,000 Steps Daily

Aside the physical exercise, I also recommend the walking routine. I personally practice this 10,000 steps routine. I have this fitness watch with me daily, helping me count the number of walking steps I do. I do recommend you to take a walk for 20-30 minutes after meals, or take an earlier departure from home, and then get off from the transportation one stop or few stops earlier, such that you take sometime to walk.

  1. Eat Healthily

Eat different kinds of fruits (different colors), as they give you the sufficient nutrients, e.g. vitamin C. Daily intake of the vegetables helps with the digestive problem, and  enough protein from meat or dairy products can help maintain the repairment and growth of body. What is your diet?

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

At young, we are tempted by the colorful labels and sweet tastes of the soft drinks, or juices. The truth is, water is irreplaceable as the liquid which helps us dilute and release the toxins and waste within the body. Take no less than 2 Liters per day, and I highly suggest drinking warm water, which is especially helpful for people on maintaining good pancreas and liver functions (direct influence on skin, hormones, etc). A warm glass of water at the beginning of the day particularly help draw away the toxins accumulated during the sleep.

  1. Have a few Laughs

Laugh is a happy small physical exercise too. It helps us put down the worries and concerns aside, and enjoy a moment of freedom. In fact, laughing is one of the most effective ways on helping us reduce stress. No wonder it can be considered a good way to de-age and prevent illness! Read

comics, go have a fun chat with the friends. Let ourselves indulge in the happiness of worry-free moments.

  1.  Good Hygiene

Never underestimate the power of a clean body and face. They can give you a refreshing day. With greasy hair, or bad breathed mouth, one can hardly maintain high spirit and bright character. Get washed and dressed nicely regularly, daily and especially after you get sweaty. You will find you get in a better mood than ever.

I share with you this catchy picture I found on tumblr.

A little change in our habits/routine, then a refreshing start of our active and happy life – Let’s start!

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