Give Myself a Break

Give Myself a Break

Give Myself A Break_Aug 06 2014

The word “judge” covers many things.

In professional application, a Judge is a person as a officially appointed public officer who makes the decision of legal cases in the law court.

The word “Judge” is widely used in the common life act as “forming an opinion/comment, or conclusion about something. Such statement is injected with subjectivity as it comes from the unique speaker’s perspective.


Like the professional “judge” who makes the decision between one’s innocence and guilty, we all judge between two sides of the right or wrong.

We judge, because we are in the innate tendency to want to be good. We look upon the positivism, the brightness, the beauty, etc., as we want to be happy in life.

We drive our world to become one fixated on the belief of achieving the goodness, and condemning the bad. Right/wrong is widely understood as the polarized concept, that by eliminating the bad, then we can enjoy what is left as pure goodness.


Consequently we judge only the “bad”, and focus on it. And we lose track of seeing ourselves as who we are.

We, are the human beings with both good and bad sides, and it is natural we have the mistakes, doubts, motivations and failings. Judging them may help us alleviate the number of wrongs in us, yet gradually we may lose the acceptance of the wrongs which are always a part of us.


Let go the judging. Be free of the restrain. Accept our negativity as a part of us.

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