Get Some Lone Time

Get Some Lone Time

Be Alone_June 17 2015

There are many people who like to do everything with someone else’s presence. For those who rely on being with the others, it is good that we get certain time to be alone.

We read a book quietly by self.
Walk alone.
Enjoy a movie on our own.
Get the freedom of inspirations running in a coffee shop.
Go for a single trip.

Let go of the awkwardness felt as how others think of you, as you let go of these outer influences stringing you along.
It is not about how they see you, but how you see yourself.
You are cool as being alone. You are delightful of what you get by yourself.

You learn to listen to your own voice all along the self journey.
You begin to focus on your own needs which have used to be muddled in the pool of others.
You be true to yourself, because what is the point to lie to just the sole self?

Get some lone time. It is a learning of building the powerful inner mind.
Have a beautiful fruitful day.


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