From Own Culture, to the World

From Own Culture, to the World


What is our culture like?

What is the history behind a place, and its connection with the present?

Why are certain seemingly different cultures sharing similarities with us?

Recently I met a friend who came to visit Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year. In our conversations, since we come from the different cultural backgrounds (me as a Chinese born, she as a Russian born), we naturally arrived at our sharing of own cultural experiences. Surprisingly my friend told me that she found the Russian culture very much similar with the Chinese culture, in small things like the dressing costumes, as well as in big ones, for instance the family concepts. And the family concept is one main reason why she regarded her country’s culture more “eastern” than “western”.

While we stay within our own home town/city, we adapt into our own lifestyle/concept of thinking. Then as we step outside the “homey comfort zone”, we meet a lot of differences, and also spot the similarities. As much as we hope to stress the human diversity, we want more to bond. Afterall we are just the same, the human beings.

We grow, and we reach out to connect with the others.

We appreciate the differences, as much as

We seek the similarities.

And at last, we come together as one man kind.

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