From Caterpillar to Butterfly: Our Journey of being Free.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly: Our Journey of being Free.

Butterfly_Free Aug 23 2014

When we become trapped in the frustrating failures, hurting and suffering relationships, or challenging and torturing pressure, we must feel like giving up and stay grumpy at the unfortunate bad life circumstances coming to us. It is so easy for us to run away from pain, sadness and hardships as long as long as we just continue to live without facing ourselves.

I invite you to come together to take a look of the bits of life in nature.

Look at the beautiful butterflies.

Flying so freely and beautifully in the sky.

Flipping their colorful and glorious wings.

Who knows that they used to be an unnoticeable fluffy worm-like creature which can only travel in centimeters in an hour? 

At birth, all butterflies are not even called by their names butterflies, only as caterpillars. In the whole time caterpillars must consume food at all times to maintain their energy as well as equipped with strength for the transformation. In human words, it is like the working class individual struggling to survive minute by minute, day by day.

Then at certain point, all caterpillars arrive at the point of paying off their large and exhausting daily consumption of food, as to create a shall to trap themselves in. All catepillars undergo the process of apolysis, in which the caterpillar create the very own hard and nutritious shell, known as pupal cuticle, around itself. They go dormant for a certain of time, blocking themselves consciously and unconsciously from the outer world.

In my eyes, this is certainly the torture. Imagine we the individuals having to spend the every minute on making ends meet, and then at the end you realize you even have to create your own trap to go over a isolating and dark challenge.

You look around and watch the other animals so fond of their original and natural beautiful looks since birth. You wonder how you are given such pathetic and unwanted fate.

Life still moves on. The caterpillars still take the risk of undergoing the dormant stage, taking charge of consequences of any potential danger. Some can peacefully complete the stage and then fight out from the hard pupal cuticle to become the true real butterfly. Some are killed by the other lives of nature on half way. Either way is a tragic and hard, few live to witness the true beauty of self.

Yet now witnessing the whole growing process of the butterflies, how can we not agree the beauty of the hard journey of them? They are true fighter. Warrior. Hero in their own lives. And they deserve the  every sweetness of freedom in the sky.

Our lives are the journey with the different shapes of pupal cuticles. Some are small and hard, some are large yet not so difficult to break; some are coming naturally and under expectation, some are shocking and traumatic. They are all not easy to break, yet the hardest trap to tackle always remain the one which stays within our hearts.

Let us pause to look at the hard life of the butterflies, and we free ourselves from the inner pupal cuticle. 

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