Find Our Good Starts

Find Our Good Starts

At different times we may need “something” to motivate ourselves.
That something can be different things, like a significant person, a life-altering incident, or just a day with the bright ray of sunlight, a meaningful phrase from a book, which becomes our reasons to put down the unresolved burdens, start over and move on.

There is an ancient saying which goes, “Spring is the best time for the annual planning.”
The idea of a starting point can be a powerful reason of self-motivation.
It gives us a blank white page to create anything on our own.
The thinking of it somehow makes us feel lightened and refreshed, and we are hopeful that the better if not good things are going to come.

When we depend on some reasons to trigger our motivation, we can be our own motivation.
We do not have to wait for the certain moments for a perfect starting and restarting point.
Every moment is an opportunity that we put down what should be let go of, and simply take action.

Count 1 to 10. Give ourselves a go. Let us determine our own good starts.

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