Feelings of Disorganization and Chaos

Feelings of Disorganization and Chaos


I woke up with refreshness and energy this morning and eagerly open the window curtains – the breathtaking view stood in front of me, and I took out my phone to capture the amazing patterns of the clouds.

Then as I entered the busy work, I was immediately thrown with waves of uneasiness and anxiety. Despite the deadline burden, I insisted spending the same length of quality time with the students who added layers and layers of meaning of my day (I work as a counselor and student development officer).

Then as the end of working day approached, I realized the compiling paper work yet to be done, and hence working overtime. I struggled to make the decision of postponing a dinner gathering with a long old friend.

Finally I left the office with tiredness and loss. I arrived at the bus stop, and then within minutes the bus which I had to take passed me without stopping.

My feelings nearly went out of control. Realizing probably I had to wait for near half an hour in exhaustion and loneliness, I could hardly hold the huge stress within.

I took a few breathes, and asked myself whether I wanted to just be angry and sulky. No. I did not.

And so, I looked around, and found another transport which only took a longer route back hom. Within minutes that transport came. And so I went on with that bus, and headed home.

A day of tension, chaos, unsettlement. I look at the photo again and realize it gives me such feelings now.

The clouds are dispersely placed, scattered in different corners. And yet I look at the traces of signs, and I try to find the way back home.

For those under much stress and cannot organize the pieces, take deep breathes. You will always find your way back home.

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