Fast Paced Living in Hong Kong

Fast Paced Living in Hong Kong

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The living pace in Hong Kong is undoubtedly fast. Take a look of the morning scene in the city:

Starting from the morning at 7 a.m., people begin to rush out from home for the daily routines. The roads begin to be flooded with traffic congestion, and the underground stations are echoed with the thousands of quick clacking sounds. You may often see some locals running between the changing stations, just to save “one- minute” of time before the next train arrives.

Why the rush? The fast paced description is a behavioral habit of the Hong Kong people, yet the whole concept is much deeper than the habitual scene. Hong Kong fast papced living is attributed to one of the central cultural formations in its development. Fast paced living means an individual’s quick and efficient approach to the larger outcomes of work.

There are certain reasons for the formattion of the fast paced living in Hong Kong. The intensive work load. Huge pressure of work expectations. Big competition between workers. These factors all contribute to one umbrella of “Work”.

Hong Kong, a small area, yet crowded with 7 million of people, is a fast developed city. In only 200 years of development, Hong Kong had its breakthrough advancement in the late 60s after the WW2, and since has quickly entered the top list of the international cities with strong economy, finance and corporations.

Yet the fast growth is not without flaws. The boosting successes of many businesses cause the domination of many markets, and block the younger generations from entering the fields. Many find the older generations “holding the top” for too long, and there is no room for growth.

Also, the fast advances in economy has left many spirits drained out of exhaustion from trying to catch up. The big jump in work succes always equal with the acceleratingly increasing devotion of time, effort and mind. And yet in the light of the late emerging psychological health promotion in the early 2000s, many have left their mind and spirit without care for too long, and instead return to the work to further numb what was already wounded. Such suffering cycles can often cause problems within a person, as well as in the relationships of couple, family, colleagues and even in the community.

I oversee many conflicts of many families, marriages, as well as their disputes with the local governments not because of the seriousness of the issues themselves, but rather under the magnification of the underlying deeper tiredness, sadness, frustration of their own suffering from the fast paced living. They put the blame to the others, hoping to ease their own pains they fail to heal themselves.

As a local myself, I learnt a great way during my overseas experiences to find my own key to unlock my own ties, and gradually make balance between fast paced influences and bein peaceful with myself. Perhaps there are many different ways to the solution, as long as you are the key holder to your own key.

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