I believe a good therapy is built upon
|the essential cultural diversity and inclusion principles.
List of FAQs:
  1. Who are Corimus’ clients?
  2. Languages spoken in our services
  3. Services & Prices
  4. How to start my chosen service?
  5. Can I learn more about therapy and coaching?
  6. Codes and Ethics
  7. Data Protection Policy

1. Who are Corimus’ clients:
Clients of Corimus reside in different parts of the world. We support people globally by using online tools (Skype/Zoom/telephone). We believe clients and we can together to transcend limitations of geographical locations and Time Zones to make ‘Growth’ work.

2. Languages spoken in our services:
English, Cantonese Chinese and Mandarin Chinese

3. Services & Prices (per hour):
Each session (including assessment/intake session) lasts for an hour.
Individual psychotherapy:  £100
Couple/family therapy: £120
Coaching: £100
Clinical supervision/personal therapy:  £50
Contact to discuss rates for trainings and workshops

If you are not sure how things work but want the ‘change in you’, contact us for a FREE 20 minutes consultation/enquiry session to clarify your needs and expectations. Concession rates are also offered for a few number of individuals (i.e. trainees, financial situations). 

4. How To Start My Chosen Service?

Step 1. Email or drop us a text to arrange our first assessment/intake session. If you have an enquiry, we could also have an initial FREE 20 minutes consultation session.

Step 2. Take part in the intake/assessment session to identify your expectations and goals. If you decide to work with us, we sign the agreement and confirm our regular meeting dates/time. (See Corimus Resources to find out more, or contact for enquiry)

Step 3. We start the regular sessions via your chosen communication tool. Practitioners and you usually undertake a review in our sixth session and discuss about extending sessions or amending arrangement if needed.

5. How can I learn more about therapy and coaching?
Check out Corimus Resources we have prepared to help you learn more about therapy and coaching.

6. Codes and Ethics
All practitioners in Corimus work strictly under 1) UK HCPC Code of Ethics; and 2) The Coaching Industries Code of Ethics.

7. Data Protection Policy
All information you share is kept confidential at Corimus. All practitioners comply with conditions and principles of UK Data Protection Act 2018.