Exploring on the Imperfect

Exploring on the Imperfect


For many of us, photography is one of the realest and sophisticated way of illuatrating beauty. Many seek the different styles and skills to create, or recreate the beauty of fronting view.

I also like to capture certain inspiring moments in terms of photograpby. They help convey my feelings and thoughts in a different yet equally powerful way from words.

One thing I like to attend to is the nature. Many of my particular favorites are the big powerful scenes – the limitless skies, mysterious forests, and the deep and lifeful ocean. They represent the ultimate beauty of nature. So beautiful. Breath-taking. Empowering.

Recently I was also in search of such moment, and I happened to witness some others photograph a beautiful seaside view. Somehow I realized my unmoved feeling. I asked myself, “Do I look for what I usually look for?” I turned around, and walked up the stairs. On the way I noticed a single withered flower on one of the staircases.

A broken flower is obviously not a pretty thing. There were only a few decayed petals remained, and after the prolonged lying on the wet ground, the shrunk and no longer dimensional shape was no near attractive.

Looking at it, I suddenly wondered, that this piece of flower was once beautiful. Despite my subjective indifference towards its appearance, the damping color of red reminded me its brightful and proud blossoming moments. It was once beautiful, yet now still is, with its existence demonstrating the rich experience of growth and contribution.

Am I the flower?
Are there many other things I have come across with, and I blindly bypass the story and the underlying values?
Is the non-beautiful really non-beautiful?
Do I only gain pleasure from the spotless and perfect beauty?

Those questions burst on my mind, and I ended up continuing my journey on finding the different unnoticeables and imperfectness.

We are the imperfect and non-beautiful. Yet because of that we are rich with the different experiences.

So are the different others and things which are full of own meanings.

And so the identification of beauty is determined not just by its outer surface, but also our own exploration.

This little imperfect and seemingly plain photo has become an important landmark of my learning journey.

I share this with you all.

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