Do not Fix Me. Be With Me Please.

Do not Fix Me. Be With Me Please.

Be with me_Aug 19 2014

This scene emerged in front of me during my writing and reflection on the quote, in which I believe the scene captures the conveying own emotions and thoughts. I hope to share it with you all.

“A man is locked in a cell. The cell is a small, damp room. Everything inside is made in hard cold steel material. There is no light, no window. The man does not see the outside of the room, except the little movable metal flap allowing the outer people to look into the every corner of the cell.

People gather around the cell. They speculate the “wrongs” of the man – some decide that the man is probably very guilty as matching with his devastating mourns; some feel awful and have big imagination of the whole story of “being framed” and “manipulation”. 

People decide to help with the different ways:

Some who are stern on the right/wrong prepare a good lecture/lesson about the importance of “innocence” and talk through the small metal flap.

Some who are passive draw nice pictures around the cell. They look at the scene again and feel lighter by the colorfulness, and decide that the whole situation gets better.

Some approach closer and make a brief conversation with the man. They send the man a few empowering words, and hope the man would get stronger through it.

There are few people who decide that the cell is too torturing retrain and intend to break the door lock of the cell, to set the man free. 

“For God’s sake. It’s a jail. It is horrible. Evil. He cannot be here. We need him out of here.”

However, as soon as they make the effort of doing so, they receive the protest from the man who now becomes so frightened of light, of the outside.

The man who resists to come out from the darkness.

Who feels the need to be locked as he needs to be punished.

Who feels he would be hurt more as he leaves the room.

The people go on with the plan as believing in their own right/wrong. They ask in vain for reduction of the “locked up” time, yet the law does not change.

So they decide to take matters into their own hands.

They energetically hit the door entrance, the sounds so large which covers the fading desperate begs for everything to stop.

Until stepping into the jail then they realize how weak the man has become. The long deficit of sunlight has made the man physically and psychologically weak. 

People forcefully drag the man’s powerless body towards the door, only to realize the worsening condition of the man.

Soon everyone begins to lose patience and hope, until the faint voice appears,

“Can you just stay with me here?”

Our pain and torture and trauma is the locking jail. Dark as unbearable.

Sometimes it takes further challenge for us just to stay in jail with the one in it.

Be with me please.

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