Day Scene of Hong Kong

Day Scene of Hong Kong


The day scene of The Hong Kong City

I was at the Peak in Hong Kong yesterday morning for an enjoyable volunteering service.

The Peak, as located at the top of a hill, is one of the highest spots in Hong Kong where you can view the whole beautiful Hong Kong scenary.

I arrived at the Peak early and immediately engaged in the event setup and preparation. It was until noon when I took sometime to take a look of the surrounding view.

The Peak is an amazing place. At the peak there are the modern shopping malls, wide artifical open space area for performances and events, as well as the different entertaining spots.

Then as people take a few steps away from the area, they return back to the green nature: many hikers take time to walk around this popular hiking lane. Many enjoy the refreshing scent from the tall trees; some attend to the rare plantation or insects, or travel further to the lake side at the back of the hill.

The amazing thing is that right as we reach the bottom of the hill, then there Central, the heart of the city for business, trade, foreign exchange and tourism.

A small place with the dramatically different worlds fitting in. So as us, the sole individuals facing the dynamic and fast changing circumstances. Sometimes we can naturally accept the changes. Sometimes things just come before we can realize.

Standing at the Peak, I reflected on my own changes in life. I feel the pace has its way of speaking to me.

This is Hong Kong, my city. The rich and sophisticated and diverse cultural place.

I gain a bit of empowerment on facing the changes, and I share it with you all.

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