Cultural diversity learning is not just a personal interest

Jul 12, 2019

Cultural diversity learning is not just a personal interest

‘Cultural diversity learning is not a personal interest.
It is a social obligation everyone should have.’

Each culture has its own uniqueness.
It is important we are aware of our cultures, because we do have different values, beliefs, norms, traditions, languages, etc.
The beauty about globalization is that,
we are encouraged to step outside our own mindsets to embracing differences.

It is not easy to live with diversity.
The more we realize about diversity,
the more we find out it is not about a particular race or color.
It is also even about one is simply different from another.
It seems we all carry our own culture.
Using a label cannot generalize a group anymore.
We have to spend time to find out, understand and respect each person’s individuality.

I remember people used to give me a reason of not studying cultures,
‘This world is too big. We cannot study this as we will not be able to remember everything anyways.’
‘You are simply more sensitive because you are more interested in cultures.
They are not my interests.’

I used to not knowing how to respond to these comments.
Until I am more certain how problematic it is when we do not make effortful attempts to learn.
Ignorance and oppression are sustained because people do not ‘know’ or engage with the others.
How can empathy be truly developed when we do not try to see the others’ perspectives.
How can we truly take action of social change when we do not try to take in an understanding that someone’s suffering and those being silenced are because of difference as the minority group.

Respect and understanding are very big and complex traits.
They take outside our comfort zones to humbly learn, even we can be reminded our unaware flaws and ignorance.
And then they lead us to growth and connections.
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