Creative Lunchbox

Creative Lunchbox


In tonight’s volunteer service training my department team taught the students how to make a light lunchbox for the children they are visiting in the coming Mainland China Volunteer Service program.

In fact there is a lot for one to consider before creating a suitable meal for a young child. I learnt that children prefer colorful and cartoonized appearence while eating. At same time, we shall make sure that the balanced nutrition is considered before deciding the variety of food. Also, the cooking method shall not be too oily nor heavily flavored.

I acted as a cooking assistant, and so I was not able to make one lunchbox myself. However, I did enjoy watching the students carefully make one facial expression out of seaweed, or mixing the mayonnaise sauce with potatoes.

Regardless what the students have created, I believe that within the two hours of process, they have injected their genuineness of feelings and care for the children.

And that matters.

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