Conversation with Taxi Driver: On Inspiration

Conversation with Taxi Driver: On Inspiration


On my way to the hospital for my physiotherapy session, I had another interesting conversation with the taxi driver.
As soon as I was settled well on the seat, and about to plug in the ear phones, the driver suddenly asked me to choose between the different routes to the hospital. At first I did not put much thought into it and gave a direct answer. Then the driver explained in detail the pros and cons of my choice, and gave me an alternative choice.
I found it funny that the driver took time to tell me all the information. I smiled and said probably his choice would make both of us in a better position, which replied,
“There is no point earning your 15 or so dollars (around 2 US dollars) for an extra mile. Clearly I know where is faster route and easier route, and it is my duty to point it out. ”
That moment was the point when he got my real attention, and felt he was really an honest man. I did not hide my feelings and told him so.
Naturally he told me another sharing when he carried another passenger one time and only realized the client forgot to bring the purse.
“I was in the busy vehicle zone and could not wait for him longer to look for any method to pay me. So I just let him go. He thanked me for many times and I found that unnecessary. Thankful words do not need to be repeated for more than a time.”

His frank and honest attitude made me feel empowered, and only then I actually almost ignored his age. He was a near 80 years old taxi driver, and still working.

“My health is deterriorating, yet the physician told me the complete resting of my body would only do me harm. I better maintain my body moving and working.”

Perhaps it is not just the job which keeps the driver going. I see the light, power, warmth and passion in heart. And it marks in mine today.

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