Continued Prayer for World Peace

Continued Prayer for World Peace

Israel_Gaza 1I was saddened by the further news on MH17 tragic event. There were 80 children on board, and one passenger is from Hong Kong. The corposes are among the plane wreckage, yet investigation is greatly hindered due to the ongoing rebal activities in the territory. I cannot imagine the devastating feeling of the related ones who know exactly where their loved ones lie coldly out there, yet cannot reach the location.

On the other side of the Middle East, Israel has expanded attack with the ground strike and still refuses to cease fire against Palestine for the sake of its goals. The Palestinian group is now responding strongly to the invasion, and claims the enemy to “pay high price”. 

All these due to war. I am settled safely in the East Asia, yet my heart is not in ease. I continue to pray for all who cannot experience a moment of peace.

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