Coaching aims at supporting you to achieve your desired goals and attain the full potential.

Have you ever wonder if you could have been much happier if you had made changes in these areas of your life –

  • You have moved abroad to study and you are lost in who you are and how to achieve in your life
  • You are living outside your home country or you just returned to your home country and you constantly get held back by the ‘cultural’ misfit.
  • You want to make a Life-Transitioning decision but you fear for what you need to overcome.
  • You want to be more confident and have higher Self-Esteem.
  • You are not happy with where you are at work.
  • You just begin to realize you are stuck in some problems in your relationships.

And Here are Some of the Areas I Cover in Coaching:

  • *Achieving in the COVID-19 times
  • *For students (Career establishment/Establishing your Life Goals)
  • Education Performance
  • Getting into Internships & Careers 
  • Moving Abroad
  • Optimising Work Performance in the Social Care, Educational and Mental Health Work Settings
  • Achieving as an Ethic minority individual

What is Coaching with Me like?

The key to a successful coaching is us having a trustful and opened conversation.
I help you connect with your desires, and discover the own way(s) to take the leading agent to be the best of you;
We work together on transforming your limiting beliefs and thoughts into positive changes and goals to achieve; and
You move forward to attain transformative growth and reach your aspirations and dreams.

How Does Coaching Work?

Under a supportive and confidential environment,
I ask you facilitative questions on how you could challenge your current way of thinking;
We generate alternative manageable and concrete goals and plans;
You will work progressively with me to OWN your actions and changes which generate a sustainable growth.

The benefits of coaching include achieving the actual outcomes you set; having an enhanced self-awareness & sense of direction in life; having strong motivation to fulfilment in life.

Languages: English/Cantonese Chinese/Mandarin Chinese

Fee (per hour): £100 (concession rates available for a limited number of clients – contact me for details)