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Feeling Blessed

This is the view taken outside my room window. I am currently still in cluster bandage and spending most of the time in bed, yet as I always look out to the sky,  remains beyond beauty. I am blessed to be under the glory of The Sun.

Focus in Life – Blindsided

There are MANY things in life. Things we want to fulfill. To conquer. To own. To take care of. Then we realize that our lives are limited to only SOME things we attend on. And so we prioritize that FEW things represent our main life purposes. And what remains questionable is how we MAINTAIN our
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Acceptance and Respect

Communication is an interesting thing. We communicate, because we live together as social beings. We interact, we share, and we support each other. And at the same time we are unique human beings that we hold on to our beliefs of our individuality. In our interaction with the others, we may find the commonality, but
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Family: Our Inherent Gift

How do we become us? We are the unique individuals with beautiful thinking and feelings, to create our own dreams. And we are also part of a family. Since the moment we come to the Earth we are bonded with the biological parents, and some the siblings. Family influences us in many way, from the
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Live with the Small: On Gratefulness

Since the injury at my ankle, I have not been able to move around with two feet. I rely on crutches, and often have to remain in bed for the avoidance of moving the ruptured tendons. As I was waiting for my grandpa’s help with cooking my nutritious lunch, the sounds he made caused by
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