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Air Conditioning in Hong Kong

One of the things the tourists in Hong Kong remember is the cold air conditioning at indoors. Many describe the “freezing and uncomfortable” experience, and wonder why such low temperature needed. Hong Kong is a over crowded city with fast living pace. Often thousands of people may stay within one single place, e.g. shopping mall.
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Chinese Paper Pandas

I was told there is an ongoing 1,600 papier-mâché pandas exhibition in Hong Kong for the support of WWF and conservation. At first glance of the photo scene, I was amazed by the unusua view, yet at the same time I felt sad for how much it must cost in many ways to spread the
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Interesting Chinese Food

The picture is chicken feet cooked in braised way with the sweet and spicy sauce. I have been eating chicken feet daily or once in two days since my injury – two ruptured tendons. Chicken feet is a traditional food known for the rich collagen, which is good for the tendon growth, as well as
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