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Morning, a New Day has Come.

Morning has come, a new day arrives.May we embrace the newness of the day, and make full use of it. Because we feel blessed of our given time.Because we feel amazed at the power of energy and life our nature never fails to give us.Because we feel being ourselves, that we want to stay being
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Just Do It

I took a first step to go to the gym room today to work on my muscles as recommended by the physiotherapist on my recovering ankle injury. The moment I stepped into the room, I was instantly aware of my difference from the others – I was holding a crutch. Akwardness came to me and
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I did some cleaning of my room in the last few days and decided to throw away a few bed decorations. Those decos are all over 10 years old, and are covered with dust, mold and probably germs without proper cleaning. I looked at them, and reminded myself how busy I am that there would
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A Moment of non-human beings

While we spend a minute of focusing on ourselves, the human beings, perhaps we can look at the other living creatures too. Sometimes a moment of their acts, or a sound made, can be equally inspiring, healing, empowering, and pleasant.Enjoy our lives, so as the lives who share the same Earth with us.

Beef’s greater environment burden

Beef’s greater environment burden Beef lifestock consumes 60% of overall lifestock in the US. It is known that cows greenhouse gas emissiom is at least 5 times greater than other egg and poultry. The breeding of cows is not just due to the popular dining choice, but also its relatively less demanding input but
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What would you do…?

“If you are given a month time, you can do anything. Anything. What would you do?” I am given a total of at least three months of sick leave since my physical injury, so that I can remain at home for the optimized rest. Now two months have passed, and as I was talking to
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Love me Less, Love me Longer.

The moment we fall in love There is this overwhelming feeling around us. Sparkling, Sensual, Addictive. We look at each other’s eyes And find our life destination. (Tiffany Leung) Then time goes by, so as the overwhelming. Over the gone passion is the plainness of reality. Colorless, Ordinary, unexciting. There seems to be a missing
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