Captured Moment Series – 09

Captured Moment Series – 09


(Shoes on the Danube Bank, Budapest (Hungary). By Can Togay and Gyula Pauer – In honor to those perished during WW2)

History appears to repeat itself.

When we seem to have progressed from the legacy of WW2, terrorism and wars pull us back to the brutal reality, that human conflicts have never ended.

In fact wars have never died down. Since WW2, different countries continue to suffer from pain and violence in the different forms. Some which has reached global exposure; many more simply got buried alongside the rising robust modernizing and globalizing trends. In the current worlds, we are still bombarded by the different news of attacks. Many continue to mourn for the loss, or be fearful what is yet to happen.

Are we truly moving on towards peace? Some say, stop the war and we can stop everything. In fact things are more complicated than a war. From the post-colonial or de-colonizing perspective, people still struggle to break from from the colonizing legacy. From languages to media, what is recognized is not how political colonization has stopped, but rather its influences have transcended from the hard military form to the soft psychological power.

Power and oppression have evolved its form onto the invisible yet penetrable, unspoken yet paralyzing, vague yet long-lasting levels. Thanks to widespread communication and knowledge, we become aware of our intertwined relationships with society. We slowly notice what has been brushed off, ignored, silenced, marginalized around us – social class oppression, racism, gender, age… We realize that in the so called peaceful times, we have become even more segregated from one another.

It is not the war which is the ring leader. It is power and oppression which continues to dictate people’s lives, and it is so hard to tackle due to its complex and also invisible nature. And also another hard reality is that our solution can never be a quick fixed one. War happens in seconds, but recovery takes years to be accounted for.

If the problem cannot be comprehended by clear logic and reasoning, how can we resist by doing the similar methods?

I wonder if we turn away from reasoning and logic, to the vague and untouchable concepts of love and giving.

If we hold onto our expectations, we never pull ourselves away from the egocentric ‘I’. We demand and complain instead of attending to others’ saying.

Whereas if we cultivate a bit of the ‘we’, we give and care, and so we allow humility to connect between love.

And that is what we need, a community which does not intend to segregate but acknowledge and embrace the differences and needs.

Love cannot kill war and oppression, but it does stop further hatred and in the long run, it does heal.

Let us take action to stop the repeating history. War is never the past. It is a mirror to what happens now. No more ignorance. Be alert.

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