Can we openly give critic on workplace culture?

Can we openly give critic on workplace culture?

Weblink – I was actually surprised to see some institution or organization ready to discuss in public about institutional/organizational workplace culture. I highlight some phrases – “This event is about the transformation of workplace culture. It will focus on the trials and triumphs of individuals and organisations seeking to achieve health in the workplace.” “It […]

via Are people really ready to talk about workplace culture? — Feisty Therapists

I wrote this on the blog Feisty Therapists after I read a promoting event on talking about workplace culture. Personally I am very eager to see the rising awareness of people linking mental health with our daily life, and the opportunity for negative issues like bullying, institutional oppression or suppression to be exposed.

On the other hand, as optimistic I am, I still remain uncertain what exactly can be achieved when no action or change is guarantee. And this is not against the talk itself, rather the current progress on dealing with workplace bullying in general.

The further question is, when discourse does not get joined with action/change, how can the discussion be ensured with quality, especially given the fact that stigma/oppression/bullying can be within the institute itself? Without protection, how would one be free to talk without being afraid to lose his/her job?

I remain hopeful to see more action being done.

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