Bus Ride back to Work: Sharing.

Bus Ride back to Work: Sharing.


This is the photo which I took yesterday on the bus from home to my workplace. Since my physical injury I have been resting from home for near three months, until last week when I felt I was physically and emotionally ready to return.

I sat on the bus, and witnessed the scenes pass me.

I often enjoy taking this particular bus ride. Not only is it efficient transportation, what is more is that I can get to see the beautiful Hong Kong Victoria Harbor view along the highway route.

There the skyscapers lie in order on the opposite side of the blue, surrounded by the layers of backing green hills and bright clear sky. Yet nothing compares with the breathtaking glitters of blue which separate between Kowloon/New Terroritories and Hong Kong Island.

I looked at the scenes, enjoying its scent of serenity.
Somehow I feel emotional.

These scenes look the same as before.
And yet I feel different.
I am different.

And I continue to move on.

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