Berlin Day 2: Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Berlin Day 2: Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe


As a first time visitor in Germany, my feelings are filled with sadness, heaviness, and respect. This is the place when extremism began and led to the cause of one of the darkest human histories in the world.

The holocaust left 6 million jews killed, now 1/3 of the victims still unidentified. This place is a piece of massive artwork by an artist who have made 271 stones of the different sizes. Little is known from the artist the meaning of this field of stones, yet one who is there is always provoked to attend to and reflect on the tragic human history.

History is the past, but we who live within the moment has the power to go back to the past, embrace its longlasting influences even today. This is how we can move forward and determine our next future.

I guess this is how Germany has decided to reflect and learn from its history and wrongdoing, and find the way to move forward. Letting go of the past demands ones huge effort. But being able to embrace own wrongdoing, and working to find a way to amend and make things right is an act of honor.

Heavy in heart, I pay huge respect to humanity.

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