Beef’s greater environment burden

Beef’s greater environment burden

Beef’s greater environment burden

Beef lifestock consumes 60% of overall lifestock in the US. It is known that cows greenhouse gas emissiom is at least 5 times greater than other egg and poultry.

The breeding of cows is not just due to the popular dining choice, but also its relatively less demanding input but rich and favorable return. It continues to be farmers and companies’ favorite choice.
Yet what we face consequently is greatly problematic. The instability of weather continues to grow with expanding scale of damages. Illnesses caused by the polarizing seasons have greatly affected people, let alone other social, financial burdens. The animals become the victims of our own benefits. Many habitats of the living are forever destroyed in such fast pace, that animals natural adaptive evolution (proposed by Darwin) cannot keep pace with it.

Why do we care? I am aware how the changing weather has impacted us psychologically. We are more heated up and moody under the weather. The psychological burdens are hidden underneath the direct materialistic, financial and physical influences. Our responsibility to maintain our planet Earth is invisibly fading, yet we tend to focus on the joy of outcoming happiness and gratification, and ignore our self centered process of getting the outcome. In natures eyes, we are the dictative ruler controling everything we can gain own pleasure from.

I hope it is not the companys and farmers responsibilities to decrease the production of beef, but everyone can be concerned of own consumption of beef, at home, in restaurants, or at parties.

For us, and for our own planet.

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