Beautiful Hong Kong Night Scene: The Victoria Harbor

Beautiful Hong Kong Night Scene: The Victoria Harbor


Recently a friend of mine suggested taking the night ferry across the Victoria Harbor during the dining out. I was fairly intrigued yet still went along with the idea.

Upon arrival at the harbor side, I was immediately drawn to the scene – the brightful colors glowed in harmony with its surrounding dark. The waves moved in reflection of the different shades of light. I was truly captivated by the scene.

In fact, I was amazed myself how I would still be moved by the scene which I have come across for many times  – mostly during the daytime only. Before going to the harbor side, I had the image of the daytime view strongly imprinted on my mind, and I reckon that is the reason I got more surprised and fascinated that night upon arrival.

On the ferry, I traveled towards the beauty of scenes. I enjoyed myself the wondrous sensations running within me, and I truly felt happy.

A thing, in the simplist form, has the different perspectives.
Life, in its most ordinary form, can reflect the different layers of colors.
And therefore we shall never cease to find meaning from the familiar or unfamiliar, expected or unexpected.

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