Be Real, this is Who I Am

Be Real, this is Who I Am

Be Real_who I am_Aug 14 2014


I vaguely remembered the particular moment when I decided to seek the “me” identity, yet what stay on my mind the most are the rich and spicy feelings of wanting to seek freedom, to get recognized, to feel assure and certain.

I believe in life everyone has the process of finding the “self”, the inner voice. We need to find ourselves because this is who we are, the one and only one real us, and only as we connect with the realness of us then we can live out the true purposes in life.

That is perhaps the reason that no matter how much disguise we might be in under the heavy burial of materialism, power, fame and gratification, we at certain point cannot be fully restrained and release our realness of emotions, thinking and acts, certainly at moments as we are provoked, pressured, and offended.

That is perhaps how the great productions were inspired. People are triggered at the moment of spontaneity of the emotional bursting, for instance, the powerful fifth Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven during his approaching deafness period, or the rough beauty of Wheat Field with Crows created by Vincent Willem van Gogh during his most haunting time of isolation and sorrow.

It is true that the explosion of one’s realness of emotions and thinking can lead to the breakthrough of one’s creativity, aspiration and innovation, yet I also cannot not notice the inevitable if not equal but more suffering and agony casted onto the person, until ultimate destruction.

We shall not wait at the last point close to tragedy to free ourselves.

Unfold the layers of disguise folded by the external environment.

Attend our innerness with care, patience and hope.

Our innerness is fragile, vulnerable and seemingly forever changing and complicated.

And nothing of it compares with the “realness” of our innerness.

We are real, and we live our lives in realness, in us being us.

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