Author: TiffanyL

Apr 19, 2021

Does therapy really work? (Read this if you are still wondering whether to receive therapy)

Even with the best information or resources, we may still have some doubt about signing up for psychological therapy – ‘Does therapy really work (for me)?’. In enquiries and initial consultations, I help individuals clarify about their situations, expectations for change, and if therapy will act as a useful support. I strive to ensure that
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Mar 13, 2021
Feb 14, 2021

Does Culture Matter in Therapy (and why)?

‘The concept of culture is more than just an individual’s race/ethnicity. Our cultural backgrounds, from psychological understanding, include a collection of external influences in a person. Even in the same ethno-cultural group, individuals are culturally different in regards to other influences such as religion, social class, education, gender, sexuality, age, career position, professional discipline, etc.’
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Jan 24, 2021
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