Attend To Our Spiritual Growth

Attend To Our Spiritual Growth

Spiritual_Physical_May 20 2015

There is no forever spiritual solidity.

Like how we workout regularly before getting a toned and fit body shape, we continuously find our own ways to maintain spiritual health.

In ways we watch out the daily junk food or artificial ingredients which harm our bodies, we become mindful of the outer stress, hustle distracters and ignorance and many other factors which affect our attendance to the inner states.

We cannot predict accidents which cause the physical injury, or even the permanent damage. Neither can we control the pain and hurt caused by conflicts, trauma or separations which come in every second. At some point we believe we have achieved the certain inner maturity, and then certain setback is thrown at our face, and we seem to return back to the conflicted stage.

Our inner self requires our constant and persistence attending to it.

And so we shall regularly work on our spiritual growth.

Spend time listening to the inner voice.

Be aware of its needs, constantly and especially under different circumstances.

Find our courage and persistence to face our inner pain and hurt, no matter it comes naturally or unexpectedly, as it is the way it should be like.

Let us have a balanced growth on body and spirit.

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