Animal display – where has justice gone?

Animal display – where has justice gone?

One of the things I struggle with museums is the animal display.

This does force me to think of a heavy topic – animal cruelty.

I am not a vegetarian nor vegetarian and in the past I called myself an animal lover, but I seldom paid extra attention on the ‘so called negative news’ on animal rights.

Such display reminds me animal cruelty, as they are hunted for leisure, then made as a trophy to be displayed, until they are now declared as a ‘valuable museum asset’.

It reminds me that even after death, animals bodies are still endlessly being used as a tool, just because they haven’t, and never got the rights to express.

It is a harsh but necessary call for us to reflect on our freedom.

We have certainly taken for granted our privileged roles as the human beings.

Whether we actively hunt or kill the animals, we all are still part of the oppressive group which has caused many sufferings and lives.

Ignorance and neglect can be the biggest weapon.

It can sugarcoat our obligations and responsibilities, and we stay comfortably within the zone of egocentrism.

We disregard the value of another species’ lives and dignity, just because we are ‘the better and smarter kind’.

Even we aren’t animal rights warriors, we are obligated to consider another living’s life.

This is the root of humanity.

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