Accidents Change our Lives

Accidents Change our Lives


We may never anticipate accidents to happen in our lives.

However, when they do come, let us learn to take it as the surprising learning.

Sometimes they can turn to be some of the most rewarding growing experiences we ever have.

Certain we may be thrown off guard and get too shocked to take in the truth.

We struggle in accepting its occurrence in our lives.

And we do not even know where to begin to pick up the pieces.

They challenge us to the highest level, and we battle back and forth to protect our own territory, or be forced to change.

And we are confronted with truth of brutal reality,

That sometimes our original territory is gone.

There are things which are broken beyond repair.

There are values/beliefs crushed and not restored.

There are people and things which can never come back.

Yet time is a good healer.

Life moves on.

When there is life, there is hope.

Accidents lead us to the transformative change in self, and as we look back, we realize how much our accidents have been incorporated into trails of our growing life journey.

All when we allow positivity in our lives.

Encouragement, warmth, inspirations…

They can be small yet beautiful yeasting agents of our inner-power.

May the words be a bit of empowerment to you.

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