A less seen side of Hong Kong – the Sai Kung Country Park

A less seen side of Hong Kong – the Sai Kung Country Park

sunset_sai kung

Hong Kong is an interesting city with the mixture of green and skyscrapers. Apart from the usual cosmopolitan and modern image of Hong Kong, there is this amazing peaceful nature side of the city we can connect with. Aside the usual fact that Hong Kong is an urbanized place with advanced economic, social and land development, a few steps away from the street sides, then you experience the fresh taste of nature. In fact over 40% of the Hong Kong city area is occupied by hill land, country parks and nature reserves, and the whole city is surrounded by the South China Sea, which gives the rich views of green and blue for the locals as well as the visitors.

I took this photo as my friends invited me to the Sai Kung country park during a weekend. I was captivated by the scene, and more importantly the feeling of sharing the moment with friends.

Things are never based on one singular side. When you see things and people around you, understand them. And then walk further as if you give a 360 degree tour. You will be amazed at the different new and inspiring perspectives you see.

And then I sit comfortably, enjoying the natural and gift the city has given me.
Life is not only about judgment calls. It is the whole journey of exploration.

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