A Glance of the Outer Home View

A Glance of the Outer Home View


The Beginning of the Week.

Outside my living building there is a sheltered pathway to the entrance (see photo) of my housing estate (I live in housing estate, an area in which many tall buildings are built by one housing companies, and all people share the common ground for gardens, club house and other facilities).

Yesterday I continued to slow down my walking pace to see the happening of my surrounding. I chose to step outside the sheltered path and look beyond it. I saw the beautiful nature blue on top, decorated by the snow white clouds. The neoghbouring housing estate stood still, so near yet also so far away.

I looked around and watched the people walk with their heads down, and fast pace back to their own building, or leaving the estate for transportation. I was amazed that I used to be one of them.

Take a step out. Outside the shelter we are showered under the light. We contine our exploration of the beauty the surrounding keeps sending us.

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